Minecraft Apocalypse

In an effort to add even more levity to this blog, I’ve decided to jot down some of my failed, impromptu, or even somewhat worthless short story ideas/musings.  It shall be called: “Stuff that sounded cool at the time.”  Huzzah.

I’ve been getting back into The Walking Dead, and as such, I’ve got the post-apocalypse on my mind quite often.  However, I personally can only ingest so much of a genre before my brain starts spitting out satire.  Hence, the Minecraft Apocalypse.  This would be a story about how a bunch of Minecraft players stuck in a Walking Dead-ish apocalypse would try to survive in the real world by punching the ground and expecting to get nice blocks of craft-able dirt.  Because of this, and the nature of bloodthirsty zombies, the story would be quite short.

Great satire, methinks… And that’s the whole problem. In my mind, Minecraft Apocalypse is hilarious, but as soon as I begin to consider the things that are actually important to a quality story, the whole idea unravels.

As a writer, not all of our ideas can metamorphose into a fully-fledged piece of expression, and it’s important not to invest too much energy into the ones that aren’t working.  Why?  Well, if you’re like me, you probably don’t have gobs of time to spend writing each day, and therefore you’ve got to make the time you do have really count.  So, do yourself a favor and put the idea–your Minecraft Apocalypse–to rest.  Jot it down in a quick little blog like this, or bury it in a folder of dead ideas.  After all, there’s no crime against stealing from yourself, and that idea–even if it’s not fully fleshed out–might be fodder for your next great piece of writing.

Happy mountain-day, er, I mean Monday!


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2 Thoughts to “Minecraft Apocalypse”

  1. I like the concept. Get it written 🙂

    1. Maybe someday, after it grows up 🙂

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