Joyful Overestimation

I’m the kind of writer who joyfully overestimates his own ability every time I sit down to type.  And I’m sure I’m not the only one…  I smile, pull open my laptop, look at the pages before me and think, “finish editing the whole book today? hell yeah!” One paragraph later: “finish the whole chapter today?  Of course!” Thirty minutes and a few sentences later: “finish the paragraph today?  OBVIOUSLY!” And then I get three sentences done. But even that doesn’t diminish the feeling I get when I start working.  I…

Fear, in a handful of Pictures; the Inner Critic Striketh Again!

Some folks call their Inner Critic ‘writer’s block’ and, since this is such a well-known issue, accept the fact that their creative brain is diseased for at least the rest of the day and content themselves with email checking and Tumblr tumbling. The concept of ‘writer’s block’ has never made sense to me, simply because it’s not a valid excuse for other professions, so it shouldn’t be for mine, either.