Snow Day Writing

It’s snowing again in Northern Virginia.  There’s not much accumulation, mind you, but a friend of mine pointed out how oddly we Northern Virginians react to snow.  As he says, we know that it’s going to snow every year, and yet it still manages to catch us off guard.


And this might be true because everyone around here works so hard they’re probably just praying for some time off, but I think this concept applies to writing (and life) quite well.

When you’re writing toward a target, there will always be snow days that could derail you.  And you’ll say,

“Oh my goodness, how did this happen? I’m so surprised I probably can’t write today!”

Perhaps you do need a break.  After all, snow days can be great for your mental health. But most likely, you saw this coming, and you really shouldn’t be surprised. Writing “snow days”  vary by person.  For me, the perennial distraction is time.  If I have less than an hour to work, I’ll end up wasting that time because I usually convince myself that one hour couldn’t be possibly enough time to get a productive amount of writing done.  After all, I need my coffee, and then I need to get comfy; finding a good playlist next is a must, especially before I even begin thinking about creativity, and by then the coffee is either gone or cold, so it’s time to make another cup…

For me, a one hour window of time is just like snow descending upon the East Coast.  It’s going to happen again and again, and I probably should have seen it coming at least a day in advance. Therefore, I can either assume a certain stance, buckle down, and use that time to write (sans second cup of coffee) or I could be so surprised by the mere notion of free time that I end up wasting it all.


Here’s to stocking up on milk and bread; Have a happy snow day!


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